Thursday, 19 August 2010

Gedung Merdeka Bandung

Gedung Merdeka in the way of Asia-Africa,Bandung, Indonesia, is a building that was once used as a place of the High Level Conference on Asia-Africa in 1955. At this time used as a museum.

The building was designed by Van Galen Last andCP Wolff Schoemaker. Both are professors at theTechnische Hogeschool (Technical High School), the ITB now, two architecturalDutch are famous in those days, once a building is thick with the feel of art deco and stately building was visible from the floor is made of artificial marble Italian shiny, rooms where a few drinks and relax wooden cikenhout, while for the lighting used lamps that hung glittering crystal bias. This building occupies an area of 7500 m2.

At that time this building was named Societeit Concordia used as a place of recreation by a group of Dutch people who live in the city of Bandung and its surroundings. They were the plantation employees, officers, magistrates, businessmen and others among the rich enough. On holidays, especially at night, the building was filled with them to watch art performances, dinner.

During the occupation of Japan was named Dai Toa building Kaman with its function as a cultural center.

At the time of the proclamation of independence of the Republic of Indonesia on August 17 1945 the building was used as headquarters Indonesian youth to face the Japanese army at that time was reluctant to hand over powers to Indonesia.

After the Indonesian government began to take shape (1946 - 1950) is characterized by the presence of government Haminte Bandung, Sundanese State, and West Java Recomba, Concordia building used again as a public hall. ordinary art show held here, parties, restaurants, and other public gatherings.

With the government's decision of the Republic of Indonesia (in 1954) defined as a place of Bandung Asian-African Conference, the Concordia Building was chosen as the place of the conference. At that time the Concordia Building was the building where the meeting is the largest and most luxurious in the city of Bandung . And it was a very strategic location in the middle of the city of Bandung as well as close to the best hotel in town, namely Hotel Savoy Homann and Hotel Preanger

And start early in 1955 This building was renovated and adapted for his needs as a place of international-standard conference, and construction is handled by the Department of Public Works of West Java Province who dimpimpin by Ir. R. Srigati Santoso, and implementers pemugarannya are: 1) Bureau of the Knights, under the leadership of R. Machdar Prawiradilaga 2) PT. Alico, under the leadership of MJ Ali 3) PT. AIA, under the leadership of RM Madyono

Once formed the Constituent Assembly of the Republic of Indonesia as a result of the 1955 general elections, Freedom House used as a Constituent Assembly Building. Because of the Constituent Assembly considered failed in carrying out its main tasks, namely the basic set of state and the state constitution, the Constituent Assembly was dissolved by presidential decree dated July 5, 1959. Furthermore, Freedom House be a place of Designer Body Building National and then became the Provisional People's Consultative Assembly (MPR), which was formed in 1960. Although the function of Gedung Merdeka change from time to time in line with the changes experienced in the struggle to maintain, organize, and complete independence of the Republic of Indonesia, Gedung Merdeka name still stuck on the front of the building.

In the year 1965 at Gedung Merdeka Islam Asian-African Conference was held. In the year 1971 at Gedung Merdeka MPRS activities entirely diverted to Jakarta . After the rebellion erupted G30S / PKI, Gedung Merdeka controlled by military agencies and some of these buildings serve as places of political prisoners G30S / PKI. In July 1966, maintenance of Gedung Merdeka submitted by the central government to the Regional Government of Province of West Java, which was subsequently by the Regional Government of West Java province handed back its implementation to the Regional Government of Bandung City. Three years later, on July 61968, chairman of the Consultative Assembly in Jakarta to change her decision about the Gedung Merdeka (the former House MPRS) with provisions that are submitted are the main building, while other buildings are located at the rear of Gedung Merdeka still remain the responsibility MPRS.

In March 1980 This building was re-entrusted to place a warning that the Asian-African Conference on the 25th. At the peak of his warning was inaugurated Museum of Asian-African Conference bySoeharto, President of the Republic of Indonesia in the second.